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The Romantic Rose

Dear Friends

I hope your Valentines is everything you heart desires next week.  I have been in love with roses for a long time, they are so romantic, don't you agree.  I would like to share my "Vintage Valentines" mantel with you in addition to all the "Vintage Valentine" inspiration on the blog hop.  There are so many talented blogger's and I am inspired by each and everyone of you everyday.  If you haven't shared your Valentine inspiration, please do here, Vintage Valentine Blog Hop,http://debbygoesshabby.blogspot.com/2018/02/dear-valentine.html

Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Valentine

Dear Friends I am so happy to be joining some vintage loving bloggers for The Vintage Valentine Blog Hop today! If you are visiting from Petite Haus I am sure you are feeling inspired by Angelina's lovely decor!

Cake & Ice Cream

Dear Friends

I hope your winter is gong well.  I did not want my five year Blogging anniversary to go by without thanking and sharing my love with everyone who has ever taken the time to read Debbygoesshabby.blogspot.com.  If you didn't know, I did this out of grief, lost job, and empty nesting.  Don't get me wrong, I know there are far worse things but I was lucky enough to find something to help me in a sad time.  So to celebrate, I made a heart shape cake out of all my dried roses and moss.  Cake and ice cream that you can share all year long!

"Hiver" French For Winter

Dear Friends

I hope you are surviving  "Hiver" yes, French for Winter.  I decided to look for another word for it because I hate the word Winter.  I have been so sick my loving man and I at the same time, he missed entire week of work with no pay and me I missed two days with pay.  I like the word Hiver, French for Winter because I don't like using HELL, sorry!  I'm sharing what I call neutrals for Hiver because we need all the beautiful we can get during these miserable cold months.

Auld Lang Syne

Dear Friends

Auld Lang Syne or remembering things from the past!   I hope your holidays were everything your heart imagined.  Mine, I couldn't have  dreamed or imagined more! Having both my kids home during the holidays and a new bathroom!  My kids did all the work, as you already know my daughter and son-in-law could have their own show on fixing up!  They have done all the work on their beautiful home.  Don't get me wrong I know there are a lot of things to be happy about but this 4 x 4 bathroom certainly needed some updating and made this Shabbyqueen smile!  The same toilet since we bought the house and walls that have endured years of wall paper.  The before I really did not want to show, you will just have to take my word.